Beacon of Hope Uganda partnership.

We work in the same region, we work on almost similar projects, AND we almost have a similar name! Suubi means Hope!
On Friday, Isaac , the Director of Beacon of Hope Uganda(BoHU) and his team, visited our projects and some the villages where we work.  They visited at the recommendation of 4H-Million Trees Project, USA who we also recently partnered with.
It was a great pleasure to take them around our projects.
Isaac wrote, “We started by visiting a group of about 18 women, who are doing a poultry farming project and they have been getting support from Steven and his team,(Thank you our dear supporters in Luxembourg)even though the project is young, but the members involved are very excited about it and are grateful for it, it is an economic empowerment project for women.”
IMG_20150123_153240 IMG_20150123_152653
 Isaac goes on to say, “We continued and visited another group which is running a piggery project provided to them by Steven (surely not by me, but you our dear donors and supporters. This was the very first project we worked on with Rebecca) and its also a very promising project and the local villagers are extremely excited about it.”
IMG_20150123_160323 DSC05339
“We proceeded to the main project of Nabbale  Tree Corps group and so far they are setting up a tree nursery which will have 30,000 fruit and medicinal trees. The group has over 30 main members and the project will benefit hundreds of families,schools, places of worship, and they plan to engage youth into the project. This project is promising and they still have enough land to expand their tree nurseries.”
IMG_20150123_162544 IMG_20150123_162418
IMG_20150123_162345 DSC06272
“We checked out on their bee-keeping project which is next to the tree nursery.”
IMG_20150123_163958 IMG_20150123_164617
“We visited a nursery and primary school(Shared Blessings Junior School) Steven and his friend Herbert started for the village” ( It was started by Children Safe Uganda. We have helped in the establishment and development of the school, as well as sponsoring a coupe of children there)…… “and also checked protected water sources“.  Yes, they visited a Shallow Well recently constructed, and one of the Protected Spring Wells.
IMG_20150123_181343 8387941487_a6fa1df029_z
Isaac concludes, “It was a good experience and the projects are inspiring and I am positive they will make a significant positive change among the community dwellers.”
                                        WAY FORWARD:
1. I am(Isaac) National Coordinator for two international volunteer organizations and we agreed with Steven, we might look into some sort of partnership and we see how we can involve volunteers into their work. (This will indeed be a great opportunity for us.)
2. We looked at potential partnership and a working relationship and sharing our experience and expertise in tree raising and planting, and hopefully making a sustainable project in the future.
3. I also shared an idea with Steven (our future plan) of Green Villages and making a revolving fund and he liked the idea, I also reminded him that efforts should be made to enable the nurseries to continue financially based on tree sales.
“I am positive that we can work together on some project, especially the tree project and he is very inspiring, we can learn from each. I also recommend him to 4-H Million Trees Project and any assistance rendered to him, will be appreciated”. (Thank you 4HMT for the seed funding you already gave us.)

One thought on “Beacon of Hope Uganda partnership.

  1. Thank you so much Issac for spending the time visiting our projects and for 4-H for putting us in touch and giving the critical final financial support that we needed for the tree nursery. I’m hopeful by working together that we can light beacons of hope in the lives of those living in Mukono and that one day today’s children will tell their own children how much life has become better for them.

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